E-commerce website support

Every successful e-commerce stores has a team of highly skilled engineers at it’s back to take care of upgrades, patches and technical support on a regular basis, to keep the store steady and secure.

We provide complete website support for your e-commerce stores, offering you a complete peace of mind. We’ll assign a number of engineers to monitor and maintain your website depending on your requirements. They will keep the store up to date, and will take care of every technical aspect related to maintaining your website, including managing web hosting account, amazon S3 and AWS, Varnish, EBS and RDS.

Cloud Hosting for E-commerce stores

We offer managed cloud hosting exclusively for e-commerce stores. Our cloud hosting includes platforms and tools like amazon S3, AWS, Varnish, EBS and RDS. We’ll set up and configure the website and it’s platforms and stacks. Our clouds use optimized instances of docker, and are well tested for Magento.

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