Additional Services

A lot more than ordinary

Our expertise is in making systems and services that deliver results, its not just
fulfilling the specified set of requirements, but its more into
ensuring positive results. We keep the same
quality in every service we provide.

Custom PHP Projects

We develop highly secured, multi-user and high performance web applications and portals using PHP and popular frameworks like Zend. Let it be a community website or a CRM, we will build it for you.

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E-mail Newsletter Services

Along with the creation of an e-mail newsletter, we provide integration of newsletters to work with popular email services such as mailchimp. We also offer cloud based independed e-mail campaigns.

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Cloud Hosting and AWS

We provide a 100% reliable cloud based hosting exclusively designed to handle heavy traffic. Unlike traditional unattended hosting packages, we provide complete scaleable and managed hosting packages backed by AWS.

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Technology Migration

Our team is well experienced with multiple releases of PHP over a decade, which gives us an edge in migrating lower version PHP applications to higher versions, and cross technology projects to PHP.

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Front-End Scripts

Our front end masters have experience with advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks to create user experience and interactive webpages. Our practices are focused on having compliance with specifications.

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Customers are always our No.1 Priority.



We focus in the quality of service.



We keep up with right skills and Technolgies.



We always listen closely and action well.

We always do more than is required of us, as we belive that
Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.