Magento releases newer versions and patches from time to time. It is really important to upgrade, if you are more than one version behind the latest release. Some upgrades will make our lives easier with the introduction of new features, and some are absolutely critical, as there might be security issues with the current version in hand.

Each new version includes three main categories of upgrades: Platform Fixes to solve functionality problems found in the previous version, Security Patches to address security vulnerabilities that have become evident since last release, and Platform Upgrades that add new features and capabilities to Magento that were not previously available.

Magento is constantly adding new functionality and fixes which will make your store run more quickly, efficiently and securely, and these yearly updates are free and relatively easy to take advantage of. Our experienced developers help every customer upgrade their store and fixes compatibility issues of extensions that nay arise due to an upgrade. If you are looking for someone to upgrade your Magento store, get in touch with us, we can do it for you.

If you are looking for upgrading your Magento 1.9 store to Magento 2, it’s not considered as an upgrade. It’s called migration. Migrating a Magento 1.9 store to Magento 2.x is an entirely different process, as both are completely different platforms. We do offer this service, and if you are looking for migration, we will help you migrate your store.

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